Basics of Computer Science – Mobile

Mobile computers are the systems, which are physically not remain connected to specific place rather these are mobile in nature, as one can carry anywhere anytime.

The mobile computer technology carries battery back; therefore, it does not require consistent electric power.

Description: Mobile Computer

Mobile computers can be connected with Internet through wire or the connection can be wireless as well through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. Likewise, it is portable, self-powered (because of inbuilt battery), and infused with wireless technology computing device.

Types of Mobile Computing Device

Following are the popular mobile computing devices −


A laptop is a portable version of desktop computer. It is equally competent to do any computing work.


It is a light weight portable personal computer.


It is comparatively handier slate-shaped mobile computer.

Smart Phone

A smart phone is a fully equipped cell phone with most of the computing features.

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

It is a computer device more popular as pocket computer. It is largely used in calculation, accessing the Internet, sending and receiving E-mails, scanning bar codes, use as a radio or stereo, playing computer games, video recording, typewriting and word processing, use as an address book, making and writing on spreadsheets, Global Positioning System (GPS), as a clock and calendar, etc.

Portable Data Terminal (PDT)

It is a computer device, which is largely used to enter or retrieve data through wireless transmission (i.e., WLAN or WWAN).

Description: Portable Data Terminal

Mobile Data Terminal(MDT)

It is a computer device, which is used in police cars, taxi-cabs, military logistics, service trucks, commercial trucking fleets, courier vehicles, fishing fleets, etc.

Ultra-mobile Personal Computer (UMPC)

It is small form of tablet PC.

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