Motivations for Implementing a Distributed System

According to Claudia Leopold, there are eight main motivations for implementing a distributed system instead of simply utilizing the computing resources of a standard computer. These advantages are described briefly below:

(1) Distributed systems improve the “absolute performance” of the computing system

(2) The Price to Performance ratio for the system is more favorable for a distributed system

(3) Technological advantages

(4) Some applications are inherently distributed problems (they are solved most easily using the means of distributed computing

(5) Distributed computing allows the sharing of resources – both hardware and software

(6) Each piece of hardware is replaceable should it fail.

(7) Distributed Computing allows the system to grow incrementally as computers are added one by one.

(8) Distributed computing allows for “scavenging.”  According to Leopold, “a lot of power is wasted, particularly during business hours. By integrating the computers into a distributed system, the excess computing power can be made available to other users or applications.” 

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