Although the cursors will not have the customized look in other browsers it usually doesn’t ruin anything. These browsers will simply show the normal arrow-cursor which would be same case as if you refrained from cus tomizing cursors at all.So unless the page really doesn’t work without the customized cursor there shouldn’t be technical reasons for choosing not to.However there might be other reasons for thinking twice before adding custom cursor to your pages. Many users are easily confused or irritated when a site breaks the standard user interface.

Adding A Customized Cursor

 The syntax for a customized cursor is this: (Position the mouse over each link to see the effect)

 Selector {cursor:value}





 <style type=”text/css”>

.xlink {cursor:crosshair}






 <a href=”mypage.htm” class=”xlink”>CROSS LINK</a> <br>

 <a href=”mypage.htm” class=”hlink”>HELP LINK</a> </b>



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