Computer Related Jobs

The fast computerization of every work and gradual dependency on computer based work has exponentially opened a new arena of Information technology for employment.

However, the IT field requires qualified and trained employees who can design and develop a new information system.

Information technology has also helped in research and development and has further developed new technologies. The IT employees emphasize on planning, designing, developing, managing the work, and providing technical support to various users.

Types of Computer Related Jobs

In recent times, a number of jobs have come up that are done with the assistance of computer. We will discuss the different job titles performing computer related jobs −


A person who is qualified enough to write a creative code for the computer program is known as Programmer.

The codes written by programmer are the instructions given to the computer over what to do, how to do, when to do, etc.

Description: Programmer

There are dozens of languages, which are written by the different programmers. E.g. Java, C, C++, python, Ajax, etc.

System Analyst

The job of a system analyst is highly classified and also very crucial.

A system analyst fundamentally designs, develops, and implements new systems or adds some additional features in the existing system to give instructions to perform additional tasks.

System analyst also specializes in fields such as engineering, science & technology, finance, business, accounting, etc.

Database Administrator

A database administrator or simply DBA is a trained person who is accountable for the storage of and management of the database system.

Network Administrator

Computer networking is another specialized field where a qualified person is required.

A network administrator specializes in installing, configuring, and supporting computer network system. Likewise, he manages the local area network, wide area network, the Internet system or the segment of a network system in the respective organization.

The job of a network administrator is a very crucial one as almost every network in an organization requires at least one network administrator.

Web Designers

A web designer is an architect who designs an effective and communicative website.

He places the images, contents, and other such information on right places to make the website interactive and user friendly.

Information Security Analysts

This is one of the most significant jobs under which an Information Security Analyst designs, implements, and supports the security system of a computer or whole network.

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